HCA Basic First Aid Safety (HSC-BFAS-001)
HCA Basic First Aid Safety (HSC-BFAS-001)
Home Care Aide (HCA) training on Basic First Aid Safety covers: Introduction to First Aid; First Aid Kit Supplies; Recognizing an Emergency; Victim Consent for Help Legal and Personal Ability Considerations When Deciding to Help in an Emergency;...
HCA Basic Safety Precautions (HSC-BSP-001)
HCA Basic Safety Precautions (HSC-BSP-001)
Home Care Aide (HCA) training on Basic Safety Precautions covers: Fire Safety; Fire Prevention; Fire Escape Plan; Fire Emergency Procedures; Post-Fire Recovery; Cooking Safety; Food Service Safety; Cleaning & Sanitizing; Medication Safety; Basic...
HCA Emergency Procedures (HSC-EP-001)
HCA Emergency Procedures (HSC-EP-001)
Home Care Aide (HCA) training on Emergency Procedures covers: Emergency & Disaster Preparedness; Emergency Escape and Evacuation Plans; Transportation during an Emergency; and Understanding types of natural disasters and how to respond. ||No...
HCA Terms of Employment (HSC-TE-001)
HCA Terms of Employment (HSC-TE-001)
Home Care Aide (HCA) training on Terms of Employment covers: Information on Home Care Aide Services; Affiliated and Independent Aide Differences; Criminal Background Check and Tuberculosis testing; Maintaining and updating personal information on...
HCA The Role of a Caregiver (HSC-TRC-001)
HCA The Role of a Caregiver (HSC-TRC-001)
Home Care Aide (HCA) training on The Role of a Caregiver covers: A basic overview on Personal Care; Nutrition facts and guidelines; Exercise tips; and Psychosocial needs. By the end of the module, this course will cover: A basic overview on...

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