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(NO CEU) Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse (001)
(NO CEU) Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse (001)
Your Legal Duty. At The End of this module, the learner will be familiar with: Their role as a mandated reporter; Able to identify forms of elder and dependent adult abuse; Able to recognize indicators of elder and dependent adult abuse; Familiar...
(NO CEU) First Aid (002)
First Aid
(NO CEU) First Aid (002)
First Aid Training for Caregivers in Residential Care ||Access for 90 days|| NO CEU
Cal/OSHA M1: Introduction to Cal/OSHA (Admin-CaO-001)
Cal/OSHA M1: Introduction to Cal/OSHA (Admin-CaO-001)
Familiarity with Occupational Health and Safety Standards is an important part of administration for any facility, in order to make sure the rights and responsibilities of all employees to have a safe work environment are maintained. This course...
Cal/OSHA M2: Standards (Admin-CaO-002)
Cal/OSHA M2: Standards (Admin-CaO-002)
This course is designed to review the details of the various Cal/OSHA standards that apply to the care industry and provide administrators with tips for improving safety surrounding those standards. 1 CEU California DSS Approved for: ARF, BRN,...
Cal/OSHA M3: Injury & Illness Prevention Plan (Admin-CaO-003)
Cal/OSHA M3: Injury & Illness Prevention Plan (Admin-CaO-003)
This course is designed to go over injury and illness prevention plans, what they are, why they are important, and what the basic elements of a good IIPP are as well as recordkeeping related to IIPPs, and Cal/OSHA consultation services. 1 CEU...
Cal/OSHA M4: Enforcement of Cal/OSHA (Admin-CaO-004)
Cal/OSHA M4: Enforcement of Cal/OSHA (Admin-CaO-004)
This course is designed to review Cal/OSHA enforcement, IIPPs, consultation services, inspection procedures, penalties and citations, the occupational safety and health appeals board, the OSH standards board, Worker rights and responsibilities,...
COVID-19 & Infectious Diseases (Admin-Co-001)
COVID-19 & Infectious Diseases (Admin-Co-001)
COVID-19 & Infectious Diseases training covers how infectious diseases like COVID-19 can spread, and what tools and procedures are available to reduce the risk within care facilities and our communities. 1 CEU California DSS Approved for:...
Dementia M1: Basics of Dementia (Admin-De-001)
Dementia M1: Basics of Dementia (Admin-De-001)
This course seeks to familiarize the user with the wide variety of dementia related conditions, Mild cognitive impairments, and the signs and symptoms of these conditions. 1 CEU California DSS Approved for: ARF, BRN, RCFE ||Access for 90 days||
Dementia M2: Levels of Dementia (Admin-De-002)
Dementia M2: Levels of Dementia (Admin-De-002)
This course covers global deterioration, scale of primary degenerative dementia. 1 CEU California DSS Approved for: ARF, BRN, RCFE ||Access for 90 days||
Dementia M3: Alzheimer's Research (Admin-De-003)
Dementia M3: Alzheimer's Research (Admin-De-003)
The purpose of this course is to increase the user’s understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, it’s impacts, the relevant research towards understanding it, the role genes may play in it, and to help with understanding the rights and need of...

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